Workshop Schedule

Schedule and Description of Activities Planned
** At least one workshop organizer will be taking notes and photos throughout, with permission**

9:00-10:10: Getting started
Organizers give workshop introductions, read excerpt from Tsing’s Mushroom at the End of the World, and share examples/experiences of noticing. Each participant will give a 3-5 minutes presentation on their position paper

10:10-10:30: Coffee break & setup for next activity

10:30-11:10: Noticing the landscape
Small groups discussion session to expand on the presented examples with light thematic analysis to identify clusters of aligned methods, frictions, open questions, etc.

11:10-11:30: Coffee break & setup for next activity

11:30-13:00: Cultivating our noticing practices
Synthesizing from the shared exemples to tease out the underlying methods of noticing, e.g. “Writing the Implosion” (Dumit), and selecting which methods of noticing to try during the afternoon walkshop.

13:00-14:30: Lunch and discussion
Continued discussion at a restaurant near the conference center amenable to participants’ dietary needs.

14:30-16:00: Noticing in the field
Walkshop near the conference center to practice using the methods of noticing synthesized and selected during the morning sessions. The route will take into account mobility and access needs of the participants, as well as sites identified as relevant through the position papers.

16:00-17:00: Group synthesis, documentation, and reflection
Return to the conference center to debrief. Discuss, refine, and critique methods of noticing experimented in the walkshop. Each group will document and share through 5-minute short-form talk their takeaways from the day’s activities using slides (e.g., PechaKutcha), whiteboard, post-it notes, or poster boards. The organizers will carefully document the discussion/reflection and prepare an article to submit to ACM Interactions magazine after the workshop.